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RFID Printing and Encoding Sytem

Aerospace RFID Solutions

On-site encoding and printing systems

Our RFID software and printer allows users to design, print and encode ATA-compliant RFID labels. Our solution is document-based with BarTender software and Brady's ATA RFID encoding engine software. The solution uses no middleware. These systems may be deployed as stand-alone systems, or may be integrated into databases for automatic part birth-record generation, printing, and encoding.

Printing and Encoding Software

  • Bartender® RFID Label design and label printing solutions
  • Brady ATA Desktop software suite including Boeing and Airbus – compliant baseline templates
  • Seamless Database ERP integration
  • Full Document-based solutions


  • Thermal Transfer Printer and RFID Encoder
  • Seamless operation with Bartender® software
  • Specialized templates ensuring compliance
  • Roll-Form media enables continuous printing/encoding
  • Validation of data encoding

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