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Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance

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At Brady, ESG is not an isolated strategy, but an integrated component of our business, operational and people strategies. I’m proud of the intentional strides we’ve made to continue to drive ESG efforts throughout the organization.

Russell Shaller

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

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ESG philosophy

Brady’s ESG philosophy is grounded in delivering high performance products and services while reducing our environmental impact, being dedicated to our employees and communities and ensuring business is conducted in a sound manner. This philosophy is made up of four core tenets that outline our commitment to incorporating ESG considerations throughout our business.

These tenets recognize the importance of managing risk as well as identifying opportunities to deliver value through taking a proactive approach to ESG management. They provide the foundation to deliver commitment to ESG and are integral to who we are, how we act, and how we manage our environmental footprint.





What matters most

During FY23, Brady commissioned an independent global consultant to conduct a materiality assessment. The assessment included interviews with multiple internal and external stakeholders, extensive research of peer companies, and a thorough evaluation of what we consider relevant to Brady’s business.

The following seven topics emerged as material to Brady:

Energy and Waste Usage

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Product Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Product Design and Innovation

Employee Attraction, Engagement, and Retention

Employee Health and Safety

Business Ethics and Integrity

Each topic is championed by an executive leader, who will be responsible for defining goals and executing initiatives within these areas.

Brady's full 2023 ESG report.

For a more detailed look at Brady’s achievements in ESG, read our full report

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Join us on our journey towards a sustainable future!

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Environmental Sustainability

We strive to be good stewards of the environment wherever our facilities are located.

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Two employees in a manufacturing facility.

Our People

Brady is committed to living our values by fostering a safe, inclusive environment that promotes dignity and respect for all.

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A group of employees at a Habitat for Humanity event.

Social Impact

Our mission is to support organizations that align with the Brady core values.

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Governance, Ethics, and Integrity

Winning the right way is a core Brady value and reflected in our leadership and business practices.

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