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Doing our part to build a better, safer world

We are focused on solving problems for the short term that better position us for the long run. Whether for our customers, our employees, our shareholders or the communities where we operate, Brady always has a focus on the future, while never sacrificing what we need to accomplish today. At Brady, we pride ourselves on fully embracing the present — while applying today’s learnings to inform and drive our future.

With a legacy that dates back to 1914, Brady’s values have always been at core of who we are. They’ve guided us through the last 100 years, and continue to chart the course for the century ahead.

Just released... Brady's inaugural Environment, Social and Governance Report

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We protect our future. And we always, always, win the right way.

See how Brady is making the world a better, safer place - for the environment, our employees, our communities, and for our customers and the people they serve.

CEO Russell Shaller

"We are proud to make the world a better, safer place."

Russell Shaller

President & CEO

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