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ToughStripe® marking tape

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ToughStripe® sample pack

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PaintStripe vs. Painters tape

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PaintStripe Sample Pack

PaintStripe sample pack

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Our tapes guide foot traffic, outline important areas, or barricade hazards. By using tape to outline or block off sections of your facility you can effectively inform your employees or visitors of critical facility information at a glance. These tapes come in a range or size, colors, and materials, including durable polyester and glow-in-the-dark, making them an ideal solution for almost any facility.

Aisle and floor marking tape can be used to mark your facility's aisles, walkways, safety hazards, storage areas and more. Floor tape is available in continuous rolls, corner marks (L, T and cross shapes). Aisle and floor marking tapes are made of heavy duty polyester or vinyl that resists oil, moisture, solvents and scuffing - and can even withstand forklift traffic. The marking tape will stick to virtually any dry surface when applied.

Caution and warning tapes provide a visual barricade to block off designated areas. Available in economy, standard and reinforced grade. These caution and warning tapes block off potential hazards and are ideal for temporary use outdoors or permanent indoor warning.