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Brady CenSys™

IoT Radio Frequency Identification Device

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The first IoT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Device

Designed to simplify asset and inventory tracking, and bring UHF RFID technology to new applications and markets.

Key Benefits

Voice and Data Communication

WiFi Optimized

Fully integrated and WiFi optimized. Uses any standard power outlet and WiFi – no complex wiring needed. From plugged in to reading assets in under 5 minutes.



Detect assets equipped with any RAIN RFID tag and utilizes Standard IoT messaging protocols. Connect up to 4 antennas to one device and additional readers can be added at any time without costly infrastructure requirements.

Low Cost

Since it is low voltage and connects via WiFi, there is no need for costly data or power infrastructure, nor the labor required for installation. No programming required and installation can be performed by individuals with basic IT skills.

Key Features

  • WiFi Connected
  • Cloud or Locally Hosted
  • Low Bandwidth
  • Expandable up to 4 Antennas
  • MQTT Ready for IoT Connectivity
  • LED Programmable Flash/Color for Events
  • 2-Way Software Communication
  • Audio Information: Programmable Tone, Beep
  • Adaptive Antenna Tuning
  • Multiple Power Supply Options: USB, 5V, 24V, PoE

Documentation and Support

Spec Sheet

CenSys Informational Sheet Download

Tech Overview

CenSys Technical Overview Download


CenSys Brochure Download

Installation Guide

CenSys Installation Guide Download

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