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Circuit Breaker Lockouts - Breaker Locks & Lockout Devices

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Our circuit breaker lockouts will isolate and secure just about any circuit breaker. Snap-on and clamp-on options are available and will cover most breakers. Oversized clamp-on and universal multi-pole devices are also available. Our circuit breaker lockout tagout kits are designed to improve facility safety and made by the LOTO experts at Brady.

Need to lock out a specific circuit breaker model? Use this helpful guide to find the correct lockout device. Find Device Now

Want to learn more? Visit Brady's LOTO resources to learn about "Elements of a Lockout Tagout Program", "Group Lockout Best Practices" or our definitive guide - "What is Lockout Tagout?". Need a full Lockout Tagout solution? Brady offers a wide range of services that help you solve your Lockout Tagout compliance and behavioral safety hurdles. Learn More