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Starting and maintaining a safety program can be daunting, but with the right partner, the process can be efficient, effective and completed with confidence. We provide a start-to-finish solution, which means we can help at any stage of your lockout tagout, arc flash and confined space program development. Rely on our in-house team of industry experts to work with you to create a world-class safety program that is sustainable and compliant, supported by:

  • Our Insights — Field engineers from different backgrounds to provide a variety of perspectives and find potential safety gaps others won’t.
  • Our Services — Industry-trusted expertise in lockout tagout, arc flash and confined space to keep you and your team protected.
  • Our Products — Safety products and software designed by experts and engineered to perform.

Brady Safety Services Team

We understand that it takes a team with diverse skill sets and knowledge to create a world-class safety program. Our team supports our clients every day in reaching and sustaining their safety goals.

Field Service Engineers

  • On-site with you performing the assessments and implementing the solutions
  • Extensive experience with equipment in industrial and commercial environments
  • Variety of backgrounds — safety, electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering, EHS professionals,maintenance managers and technicians, and military maintenance leaders
  • Qualified practitioners with first-hand knowledge of pain points for operators, maintenance, contractors and safety professionals
  • Undergo a 6-month on-boarding process and continual quality assurance
  • Author more than 30,000 client procedures each year
  • Perform more than 60 arc flash risk assessments per year
  • Lead over 110 training events annually

Safety Solutions Owners

  • Your initial contact to ensure Brady can meet your unique needs
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of OSHA regulations and NFPA guidelines and interpretations
  • 10-15 years of experience within their specialty
  • Licensed engineers and degreed safety practitioners
  • Able to help identify current gaps and suggest improvements for your current safety programs, or develop a new program to meet your specific needs

Project Managers

  • Point of contact to support client needs throughout each project
  • Set up and manage single-and multi-phase projects with timely updates
  • Work daily with field engineers to ensure we meet your project goals

Our work doesn’t just happen behind a desk

We meet in the field, where the plan becomes an action.