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Aerospace RFID Solutions

The largest selection of aerospace RFID tags

The RFID label provides you with a robust, easy to use and reliable solution for durable data management and component history visibility. These are the ultimate tools to simplify and automate your traceability process.


Alloy Tags

Ideal as a primary or secondary part mark. They may be printed and encoded in one easy step. No overcoat is needed, and all data is verified compliant with the current version of the ATA Spec-2000. Alloy labels are also flexible, and perfect for curved surfaces.

Rigid Tags

For applications where high-performance is required, and the physical footprint is compact. These perform well under extreme conditions, and are available in both dual-record, and multi-record memory configurations. Encoded using a handheld encoding method - which we support with our ATA Tag Commander software.

Air Tags

Commonly used for in-cabin applications, such as life vests and oxygen generators. Available in multiple configurations, we continue to adapt our designs to meet our customers' requests. Single Record, Dual Record, Tamper-Evident Flag (for on-metal applications) and High-temperature

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