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Product and Barcode Labeling

Selecting the right product and barcode labels


Product and barcode labeling includes a range of different products and solutions designed to assist businesses with various identification and traceability needs. From tracking internal equipment to helping brands protect their assets, there is a lot you can do with Brady’s labels and systems.

Product and barcode labeling can provide clear insight into a wide variety of data that may impact a finished product or process. That information can then be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Asset and inventory management
  • Process improvement
  • Defect resolution
  • Regulation compliance
  • Brand integrity

Product and Barcode Label Types

Metal Label

MetaLabel™ Label Series

Ideal for fixed asset labels, barcode labeling, and rating plates that require superior chemical and abrasion resistance.

Ultra Temp

UltraTemp® Label Series

Ideal for components or printed circuit boards (PCB) that need to withstand various processes including ESD, reflow, wave solder and washing.

Tough Bond

ToughBond® Label Series

Ideal for labeling assets and products with the toughest and most demanding surfaces including rough or oil/grease covered surfaces.


Defender® Label Series

Ideal for high value assets that may be susceptible to tampering, theft or modification.

Work Horse

WorkHorse® Label Series

Ideal for basic everyday barcode labels that need to withstand a wide range of surfaces and environments.

Visa Alert

VisAlert® Label Series

Ideal for assets that need to alert you of excessive heat or water exposure.

Product Recommendations

Here are our top product recommendations to get you started.