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For over 100 years, we have been trusted by clients to help solve some of their biggest safety challenges. Our comprehensive lockout programs are customized in partnership with you to meet your requirements, keep your employees safe and ensure your compliance.

Our industry expertise was recognized in 2016 by the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), when Brady was named the "2016 ASSE Attendee Choice Award Winner for Safety Training - Lockout Program Gap Analysis Service."

Lockout Services

We have a wide range of services that help you solve both your compliance and behavioral safety hurdles.

Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Services

Authoring lockout procedures requires a significant amount of an employee’s time and machine-specific knowledge. Our team of field engineers apply their on-site experience and knowledge of OSHA’s 1910.147 standard to create highly visual, standardized procedures and templates that are easy to understand and easy to sustain in-house. Some common types of equipment that would require a lockout tagout procedure would be: air compressors, exhaust fans, air conditioners and handlers, heaters, pumps and generators.

Immensely enjoy working with Brady field engineers and would recommend this program visual lockout procedure writing to anyone trying to partner on additional subjects in the future. — Kaitlin Walker - Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, SSM Healthcare

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Lockout Machine Inventory Services

Our team can help jump-start the process of creating an effective lockout program by assessing your current state.

Walk-through — On-site walk-through of your facility which identifies the specific equipment requiring lockout.

Assessment — A detailed lockout equipment list, identifying equipment type and the exact number of isolation points for your facility.

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Alternative Method Procedures

Some production processes have regular tasks an operator will need to perform to keep the equipment running smoothly. With these tasks being routine, repetitive, and an integral part of the overall process, full lockout tagout can be very time consuming and may not be necessary if there is a safe alternative option. We offer a Minor Servicing option or Alternative Method Procedure writing service that will document the process to utilize safety mechanisms to keep your operators safe, while minimizing downtime.

Lockout Program Development

Lockout programs consist of compliance requirements, internal company requirements, templates and more. Let our safety practitioner assess your current lockout program elements and create your custom world-class program. With this service Brady now offers a complimentary session of Lockout Tagout training for up to 20 authorized employees.

Job Safety Analysis

From tasks that your employees perform on a regular basis to more infrequent jobs, a Job Safety Analysis helps you identify and lower hidden risks, as well as increase job knowledge. Our team comes on-site and works with your subject matter experts to analyze processes and develop safer ways for employees to complete their tasks.

Annual Lockout Procedure Audit

Periodic Inspection of your lockout procedures are an OSHA requirement and a best practice to ensure your procedures remain up to date. Many times these audits are overlooked due to resource and time constraints. Let us take the pain out of the process and complete your Annual Lockout Procedure Audit.

Lockout Program Gap Analysis

It’s hard to understand areas for improvement in your program when there has not been an issue or discrepancy. Let us evaluate both the compliance and behavioral application of your lockout program to clearly identify any gaps and provide an action plan for improvement.

Lockout Safety Training

Training is critical to program success and only works if employees can apply the training to their everyday work. We incorporate your custom program elements into the sessions, so your employees can go from classroom to on the floor application. Topics include: General Awareness Training and Training for Authorized Employees.

Lockout Train-the-Trainer

Our Lockout Train-the-Trainer session will empower your employees to become your lockout safety trainers by helping them understand how to effectively engage employees and facilitate both classroom and hands-on training.

Product Recommendations

No program is complete without the devices needed to effectively lockout your unique equipment.


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Lockout Tagout Compliance

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