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Hi — I'm a Brady Printer. Let's get to know each other!

When you're looking for a partner in printing, you might think we're all the same. Take a quick side-by-side look and you'll soon see how truly different printers are, especially when it comes to the ease of getting things done with great results.

So let's get this relationship going. Let me show you the Brady Difference.

I get right to the point

With me you get straightforward, no nonsense printing.

  • Barcode labels in half the steps
  • Intuitive easy-to-read screen

I won’t keep you waiting

When you get to know me, you won’t be waiting around.

  • Fast load and print speeds
  • Clean presentable labels

I won’t waste your resources

I prefer to spend wisely and not waste your resources.

  • Uses 16 times less material

I care about your things

My print smart technology and flat-sided ribbon cartridge help reduce waste.

  • Flat-sided ribbon cartridge

I don't bring baggage

With far fewer parts, quicker load time and less down time, I get the job done fast for you.

  • Only 3 components vs 11
  • Self-contained ribbon cartridges

I'm a good communicator

Print smart technology means I know what I’m printing, and label creation time is cut in half!

  • A snap to load
  • Made for pros by pros

I’m low maintenance

I load ribbon in a snap, automatically read materials and calibrate accordingly.

  • Load ribbons in 1 quick step vs. 5

I can read your mind

My friendly design allows for quick material changeover to save you time and effort.

  • Create labels in far fewer steps

I give what you ask for

I work smarter and faster, so your label says what it should where it should, and you look your best.

  • Works smarter
  • Saves you 2min every time you print

I respect your space

You can multitask with me by using the screen and keyboard at the same time.

  • 2.75" of room to type and work at the same time
  • Designed for pros, by pros

I adapt to changes

If you need to print on a variety of materials, I make the process fast and easy.

  • New material auto-calibration

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So let’s do this!

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