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Pneumatic Hose Lockouts

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Pneumatic hose lockouts are critical for de-energizing and isolating compressed air sources of power. Our pneumatic quick-disconnect lockouts easily attach to the male fitting, effectively prohibiting any pneumatic connection without the inconvenience of installing in-line lockout valves. It is also convenient for storage and holding the air hose while it's not in use, keeping your facility orderly and air hoses from getting tangled. Air Line lockouts will snap on over the regulator knob to deny access to the air line regulator.

Want to learn more? Visit Brady's LOTO resources to learn about "Elements of a Lockout Tagout Program", "Group Lockout Best Practices" or our definitive guide - "What is Lockout Tagout?". Need a full Lockout Tagout solution? Brady offers a wide range of services that help you solve your Lockout Tagout compliance and behavioral safety hurdles. Learn More