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Product spotlight: brake cleaner is no match for these labels

When up against strong solvents like brake cleaner and Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), it’s critical that your labels remain legible and intact. Our B-425A Thermal Transfer Printable Polypropylene labels are built for applications that require excellent solvent resistance and print performance.

Technical Data Sheet: B-425A Thermal Transfer Printable Polypropylene Labels

Key performance attributes:

Chemical Resistance

Solvent / chemical resistance

Labels immersed in MEK, acetone, toluene and xylene showed no visible effect, even when immersion was followed by a rub test with a cotton swab saturated with the test fluid.

Fuel / Oil Resistance

Fuel / Oil Resistance

Labels immersed in brake fluid, SAE 20wt, JP-8 jet fuel and MIL-H-5606 oil showed either no visible effect or just a light print removal.

Low temperature resistance

Low temperature resistance

No visible effect and labels remain functional after being subjected to -40°F and -94°F (-40°C and -70°C) for 30 days.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Adhesion capabilities

Adheres to stainless steel and textured ABS polypropylene.

Regulatory and agency approvals:

UL Recognized

UL recognized

UL Recognized to UL969 Labeling and Marking Standard when printed with Brady Series R4300, R6200, R6400 and R7961 ribbons.

RoHS compliant

RoHS compliant

RoHS compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.

Dibutyl and dioctyl tin free


Meets the requirements of a halogen-free material per DIN VDE 0472 part 815. Based on a review of product construction and confirmatory halogen content test run by an independent test laboratory.

Common variations: