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Product spotlight: labels that won't add fuel to the fire

No matter how many precautions you take, equipment fires can happen. But, did you know the labels you use can add fuel to the fire?

Standard polyester labels continue to burn long after the ignition source is out, making an already bad situation worse. However, our B-443 Self-Extinguishing Thermal Transfer Printable White Matte Polyester label is designed to stop burning as soon as the ignition source is out, ensuring your labels don’t add to the problem.

These labels are especially effective for applications where halogen-free self-extinguishing properties are required. Our self-extinguishing labels are also recommended for use as a part number replacement label for Brady B-1000 RFID tags.

Technical data sheet: B-443 Self-Extinguishing Thermal Transfer Printable White Matte Polyester Label

Key performance attributes:

Flammability icon


Meets flammability requirements for compartment interiors (14 CFR, Section 25.853(a)) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS302).

Fuel / Oil Resistance

Fuel / oil resistance

Labels immersed in kerosene, 15W40 oil and DOT3 showed no visible effect. Kerosene caused a slight edge left during testing.

Aerospace fluid resistance

Labels immersed in Skydrol® 500 B4 and Royco® 756 showed no visible effect. Skydrol® 500 B4 did cause a slight adhesive ooze during testing.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Adheres to stainless steel, polypropylene and 2024-TS Aluminum.

Regulatory approvals:

UL Recognized

UL Recognized

UL Recognized Component when printed with the Brady Series R6400 ribbon.