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Product spotlight: crisp resolution for the smallest of labels

PCB assembly

The shrinking printed circuit board, paired with the desire to add more information to barcode labels used for product traceability, has introduced a new challenge — the need for a small barcode label that remains decodable at the smallest of font sizes.

The barcode or alphanumeric identification must also be able to:

  • Withstand the extreme environments for printed circuit board and electronic component manufacturing and assembly
  • Be laser marked without creating soot
  • Be compatible with auto-dispensing applications

Brady B-734 matte white laser markable polyimide material is a non-sooting option ideal for difficult-to-survive conditions, including high-temperature reflow steps for surface-mount technology and washing steps that limit the use of traditional thermal heat transfer print.

Our laser markable labels, which includes B-734, are designed to withstand high temperatures, harsh chemicals and environment production processes making them the most durable, permanent label identification in the entire Brady portfolio.

Technical Data Sheet: Brady B-734 Matte White ESD Laser Markable Polyimide

Key performance attributes:

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance

Tested using Taber Abraser equipment with CS-10 grinding wheels and weighted arms. No effect to label or printed image after 100 cycles.

High heat resistance

High heat resistance

Resistance to 266°F (130°C). Labels were subjected to a range of temperatures for 1,000 hours with only a very slight discoloration of the label and no visible effect to the printed image, while label remains functional.

Low temperature resistance

Low temperature resistance

Labels subjected to -94°F (-70°C) for 1,000 hours with no visible effect, while label remains functional.


Adhesion capabilities

Adheres to stainless steel and epoxy PC board.

Regulatory and agency approvals:

UL Recognized

UL Recognized to UL969 Labeling and Marking Standard when marked with an infrared laser

RoHS compliant

RoHS compliant to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

Brady B-734 Laser Markable PCB Labels

Common variations:

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