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Product spotlight: label, rinse, repeat

Standard paper labels are notoriously hard to remove cleanly. If only there was a water dissolvable paper label that washes away with just a gentle stream of water — no chemicals or scrubbing needed. Make label removal easy with our B-403 Water Dissolvable Paper Labels, perfect for temporary applications that require easy removal, re-identification or limiting waste.

These labels are made for a variety of applications such as in-process labeling, specimen labeling, temporary asset tracking and animal housing identification.

Technical Data Sheet: B-403 Water Dissolvable Paper Label

Key performance attributes:

Water Dissolvable Icon

Water dissolvable

Labels completely dissolve in warm water within thirty seconds, leaving no adhesive residue.

Labor Reduction Icon

Labor reduction

Eliminates labor required for label removal and allows for easy re-identification.

Process Flexibility Icon

Process flexibility

Print-on-demand and control both design and production onsite.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pressure-sensitive adhesive

Quick and easy application with no additional hardware required.