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Heavy-duty identification solution


MetalPhoto® Anodised Aluminium is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting identification solution. The high performance material is designed to maintain its appearance and functionality for more than 30 years in extreme conditions, making it ideal for asset tracking.

Extremely durable

The Metalphoto® anodised aluminium identification solutions offer reliable asset identification in extreme conditions. These ultra durable custom tags and labels are made of metallic particles sealed within an anodic layer. Combined with an aluminium base, they offer exceptional resistance to abrasion, chemicals, solvents, UV-exposure and temperatures up to 343°C.

MetalPhoto is designed to last for more than 30 years outdoors and combines this extreme durability with high-resolution, high-contrast graphics making it a leading solution for asset-tracking.

Highly customisable

MetalPhoto® is a black on silver pre-printed and highly customisable identification solution. The durable material can display anything from text and numbers up to barcodes, 2D codes or company logos. It is available in a wide variety of

  • Tags
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Sizes
  • Thicknesses

Top applications

Scafftag holders and inserts are designed to last in extreme outdoor conditions. Holders are made out of ABS or Nylon and will rarely break. The polypropylene inserts can withstand water, oil and dirt while still being easy to write on. Both the holder and insert can resist prolongued UV exposure in order to stay legible in construction sitesMetalPhoto Anodised Aluminium identification solutions are primarily used when products and equipment face challenging conditions. Aerospace, defense, mass transit industries and chemical, oil and gas plants can use MetalPhoto to durably identify instrument panels, maintenance schematics, equipment and property with UID barcode labels, nameplates or barcodes.