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Unfolding Brady partnership with Code

As a part of Brady India’s business investments, Brady has been consistently designing growth scenarios calling for creation of new product lines. Furthermore we are pleased to announce that Brady India has entered a partnership agreement with Code and exclusive national distributorship and supply chain partner with Amobile 19th February 2019 onwards.

Code is a technology leader in the latest generation of image based barcode reading systems. Using advanced high definition and multi – resolution optics, coupled with flawless Bluetooth® communication systems. Code product line is used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety technology, transportation, manufacturing and other diverse industries.

Code recently has announced their merger with Arbor in Asia Pacific region.

Arbor is a Taiwan based company and is a global provider of dedicated IOT computing and mobility solutions. Arbor now has given the APAC distribution to Amobile.

Amobile, is a joint venture by Arbor Technology, MediaTek and Konka group is an expert in industrial mobile computers and solutions for industrial applications including warehousing, logistics, medical and retail. Amobile has proven to be a reliable partner around the world through outstanding technologies, sophisticated designs and superior services to industrialize mobile gateway for internet of things.