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Label creation, just a tap away.

Go mobile and get more options with Brady Express Labels app.
It’s on-demand and always where you need it, on-site and off.

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Explore more capabilities of Express Labels

Want to see more Express Labels Mobile "How To" videos to create and print different label types? Check them out!    Visit Support

Get the freedom you crave with an app that’s user friendly and flexible

Need more? Let’s unpack it:

10+ label design guides

85 fonts

Data Entry Options

Accurate print preview

Full label editor

20+ barcode types

1,400+ symbols across 18 categories

Label saving and sharing

Real-time printer status

30+ Supported Languages

Love the app? Use it again, and again.

Boost efficiency in any environment with the Express Labels mobile app. It’s fully compatible with these Brady portable printers:


Brady Express Labels

Getting started is easy! Simply download the FREE Brady Express Labels app to your iPhone (iOS 10.0 or newer), iPad (iPadOS 10.0 or newer) or Android (5.0 or newer). Then launch the app to connect to your printer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and start labeling!


Want more?

Let a Brady product expert give you a personalized, live demonstration.

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